Kathleen Delaney
Author of the Mary McGill and the Ellen McKenzie cozy mystery series



Sept 2-3
Decatur Book Festival
Decatur, Georgia
Will be in Sisters in Crime booth. Linda Lovely and I are doing a panel discussion about animals in mystery novels Starts at 1:15. That includes just about anything that’s not human but moves. Should be fun. The Sisters in Crime write mysteries, thrillers, and true crime. I write traditional mysteries. The Festival, however, features all kinds of books, something for everyone. Click here for the link to the event.

Oct. 7
Alatoona, Ga. Book Festival

Will be on a panel discussing author’s progress through the book. You’re off to a great start, even have the ending mapped out, but what happens when you reach the mussy middle? Again, books for everyone.

Oct. 14-15
Festival of the Book
Nashville Tenn
Another Festival that covers a wide range of genres, but I will be in the Sisters in Crime booth with my latest series, The Mary McGill canine mysteries.

Oct. 19
Book Fair
Woodstock, Ga
campus of Chattahoochee Tech.

Another panel, time and topic to follow. This is a literary fair, so you can find just about anything you are looking for here. Again, will post link as I get one.

Don’t forget, these festivals are a great place to start your Christmas shopping. A huge selection, something for everyone on your list, and often at a discounted price.
Look for me. I’ll be the one with the black and white puppy. (No, it’s not alive, but it’s cute)

My story in the April issue of
Mystery Weekly Magazine



Santa Louisa is a small town located on California’s central coast, about a half hour’s pleasant drive from the coast. Nestled in softly rolling hills dotted with oak trees and vineyards, it is a beautiful oasis in the state’s ever-increasing asphalt jungle of congested freeways, large tract houses on small lots, and strip malls. Not that it is immune to growth. The vineyards, wineries, and tourist trade have woken up the sleepy agricultural little town. The drugstore counter and the bowling alley café are no longer the best, and darn near the only, places to eat. The Emporium has been replaced by Walmart and the old two cell police station has given way to a new state of the art police and emergency control center, right down the street from the new library and civic offices. Yes, the town has joined the twenty first century. Just ask Mary McGill. She’s lived here all her life and she’ll tell you.

Mary, a retired school teacher and widow, will also tell you small towns are not immune from family feuds, vicious gossip, dishonest shop keepers and on more occasions than she would like to admit, murder. She knows that because she and her cocker spaniel, Millie, have reluctantly found themselves knee deep in the investigation of more than one. But then, Mary knows almost everyone in town, she’s probably taught someone in most families, she’s been at their weddings, and a lot of their funerals. She also runs just about every charity or community event in town. You learn a lot about what goes on that way. Even when it ends in murder.

Mary and Millie’s adventures are related in Purebred Dead, Curtains for Miss Plym and Blood Red White and Blue.

Blurb for Blood Red White and Blue:

Santa Louisa’s Independence Day celebrations lead to a case of cold-blooded murder in the latest highly entertaining Mary McGill dog mystery.

It’s the 4th July and the town celebrations have gone off without a hitch. Except for the body in the oak grove, shot in the back. The unfortunate victim was a visitor to the town. Mary McGill and her cocker spaniel Millie had seen him only that morning, staring in the window of Lowell’s Jewellery store, his German Shepherd, Ranger, at his side. Could the diamond and sapphire necklace which caught his attention have some connection with his untimely death? What brought him to Santa Louisa in the first place?

Having agreed to look after Ranger temporarily, Mary is unwillingly drawn into the murder investigation. She never dreamed that her enquiries would lead her into serious danger … and more murder.

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