Kathleen Delaney
Author of the Mary McGill and the Ellen McKenzie cozy mystery series



August 13th
Suffolk Va Mystery Authors Festival

A one day small book festival devoted to the mystery and admittance is free. Lots of panels and presentations, lots of authors to meet, and lots of books available for purchase.
I will be there, with Purebred Dead and Curtains for Miss Plym, and will do a workshop with my agent, Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge literary Agency entitled, I Don’t Really Need An Agent. Do I ?
Join us. Visit Suffolk Mystery Writers Festival

Decatur Book Festival
Labor day weekend
Sept 2-4th.

This one is huge, even larger than the LA Times Festival in Calif.  I will be in the Sisters in Crime booth several times during the three days, and the books will be in the SinC bookstore. Don’t have times yet, will post them when they are available. Come say ‘hey’ .
Decatur Book Festival

Oct. 7-9
Altoona, Ga Book Festival

There is no web site yet, and will post when it goes live. In the meantime, mark your calenders. I will be there giving a workshop entitled The Torturous Path from Idea to Story.
This is a ‘for fun’ workshop where we will explore how a mystery writer gets an idea and builds a plot. Only this time, the audience will build it. Sharpen you pencils and bring your ideas, but be careful. You’ll have fun and, along the way, you just might learn something about what it takes to write a mystery novel.
Watch this space

My story in the April issue of
Mystery Weekly Magazine


She Talks...


Doesn’t everyone?

That was a great line from the movie “Singing in the Rain”, but, luckily, I don’t sound a thing like Lena. And, I promise, I won’t even try to sing.

So, how about a workshop?

The one I’ve had the most fun with, because the audience always seem to be having such a good time, is titled “The Tortuous Path from Idea to Story” 

Everyone in the audience writes a one or two sentence “idea” on a 3x5 card. We choose one at random and build on that idea until we have a story. Of course, we have to explore just what a story means as we do this, give our characters a back story, decide who is the villain, and why, and who is the hero/heroine/ and see how they handle all of the gory road blocks we throw their way while building our story toward the climax. This is lots of fun, but better still, it teaches an audience that an idea is not a story but only the jumping off place, and how much goes into building that wonderful story you just couldn’t put down.

Workshops don’t work for every one, and I have given talks to just about any size group. Some want to hear about a writers life, some want to know more about the craft of writing, and I am always happy to work with you on a topic and know we can come up with something entertaining.

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